National and International transfer operations

RMS Avocats is at your disposition for any information concerning the national and international transfers of players in various sports, including football, rugby, basketball and more.


There exists no legal definition of a transfer operation neither in the French Labour Law Code nor in the French Sports law Code. However, this operation can be defined as the procedure through which a club accepts to terminate a sports player’s employment contract before the cited end date in order to allow the player to sign an employment contract with a new employer in exchange for financial compensation.


Therefore, there are various transfer operations which require a strong legal knowledge in the areas of early termination of employment contracts and the conclusion of these contracts, as well as the compensation due for transfers.


RMS Avocats met à votre disposition toutes ses connaissances et toutes ses compétences dans le domaine du transfert de joueurs de football, de rugby, de basket… tant au niveau national qu’international.


Redouane Mahrach is also an authorised agent and registered lawyer at the English Football Association. He is therefore qualified to negotiate, on behalf of players or clubs, the transfer of players to England.


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