Sponsorship contracts

Contrats de sponsoring et de parrainage
RMS Avocats law firm proposes its services in assisting the implementation of an exclusive sponsorship relationship with sports federations, sports events, sports clubs or sportsmen and women, as well as assisting in the implementation of specific methods such as naming (the association of a sponsor’s name to a sports competition or installation).


Sponsoring is an essential source of sport funding. It is a form of communication that allows a company to contribute to a sporting action and at the same time to benefit from a high level of media coverage. The sponsor will associate its image and brand to the values that are supported in the world of sport by providing material support to a sporting event, a sports player or a sport product in order to gain a direct profit by improving its values and increasing the notoriety of its name and image. Sponsoring also results in better financial and tax advantages.
The lawyers at RMS Avocats are also qualified to intervene in the domain of sponsor’s image and brand protection against counterfeiting and unfair competition.


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